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Our Inuit Art - Northwest Indian Art Gallery
Authentic artwork at below retail online prices
delivered right to your home or office

Being an exclusively online gallery, we can save you an incredible 20 to 50 percent off typical retail prices on original artwork. Many of our Inuit art and Northwest Native art pieces include FREE SHIPPING within North America - more details on shipping, guarantee and privacy. Click on one of the art categories below to start browsing through our gallery.

Click any image or link below to start viewing our beautiful
selection of Inuit art and Northwest Indian art

image Inuit art carvings polar bears --- image Inuit art carvings seals ----image inuit art carvings walruses
Inuit Art Polar Bears------------------ Inuit Art Seals ---------- Inuit Walruses

image inuit art carvings whales -----image musk ox inuit art carvings -----image inuit art inukshuk carvings
-----------Inuit Art Whales -------------Inuit Art Musk Ox---- ------Inuit Inukshuk---- --

image other inuit carvings------- image inuit art prints drum dancer ----- image inuit art baskets
----------Other Inuit Art---- ------Inuit Art Prints --------- Inuit Baskets------------

image northwest indian art masks carvings native american -------image northwest indian art carvings bears native american -- ---image northwest indian art carvings eagles birds native american
-----Northwest Indian Masks ----Northwest Bears -- Eagles & Other Birds ---

image northwest indian art carvings salmon native american ------image northwest indian art carvings killer whales native american
--- Northwest Indian Art Salmons--Northwest Indian Art Killerwhales

-image northwest indian carvings native american-------image northwest indian art prints loon native american
---Other Northwest Indian Art Carvings ---Northwest Indian Art Prints---

New Recent Arrivals----- -Art Priced Under $100 US

image native indian jewelry ------ image dreamcatchers ------image african art
Native Indian Jewelry ----- Dream Catchers -------- African Art ------

image inuit arctic posters prints - ------ image native indian art posters prints
Arctic Inuit Themed ------------ Native Indian Themed
Posters and Prints ---------------- Posters and Prints

image inuit art calendars -------- image native indian art calendars
Inuit Art Polar Bears --------------- Native Indian Art ----
-------- Arctic Calendars ------------ Native American Calendars

What Our Customers Are Saying

"I am very excited to have this piece. Thanks for getting it here so quickly.
It will be enjoyed and appreciated very much for many years to come."

L. Caplan, Tybee Is., Georgia

"I just received the bear -- it's absolutely stunning -- I'm going to have a
difficult time handing it over to its new owner (it's a gift).
Thanks so much for your help on this purchase!"

K. Gerry, Toronto, Ontario

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-image inuit art video---image eskimo art inuit art native american indian art gallery video---image northwest native indian art carvings video
Inuit Art Sculptures --- About our Artwork ---- Northwest Native
- from the Arctic ------ at Free Spirit Gallery ---- Indian Carvings


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[Just for your information, the term Eskimo is now considered derogatory in the Canadian north and has been replaced by the more acceptable term Inuit. Eskimo is used throughout this website only as a reference term for our international customers who may not be aware of the term Inuit.]


Gallery Main Artwork Categories

Inuit Art: Polar Bears Seals Walruses Muskox Inukshuk Whales Baskets Prints Other

Northwest Indian Art: Bears Eagles/Birds Salmons Killerwhales Masks Prints Other

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